Editor’s pick: Ankle Boots to Add to Your Christmas Wishlist

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All Time Favorite: Self Care Bottle

Love the esthetic of this bottle. Its bamboo lid, and glass tube are great for the environment. Perfect for Tea, Coffee and water. Simple enough to take with me wherever my day takes me. Staying hydrated is a big part of my self-care routine. After all, tea is nothing but flavored water, and I love it.

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Affordable Christmas Gifts for Him 2019

Husband, father, brother or a best friend. I’ve round up these Christmas gifts ideas, which should help in your hunt for the perfect present. I am giving it to you straight, no chaser. Let’s go!

How To Create A Minimalist Wardrobe: staple pieces

When I started leaning towards minimalism, I didn’t know that such a concept existed. In the beginning, it was about making my life easier by restraining my wardrobe options.

Kanye West : « Jesus is King »

As a Christian, I highly hesitated to pronounce myself on the « Is Kanye West a Christian ? » debate. Mostly, because I thought it involved a minority of Christians. And frankly, I didn’t understand the need for such a discussion.

Best French Pharmacy Skincare Products 2019

Since moving back to France this year, my skin is delighted with all the nurturing it is receiving. In this post, I’ll focus on French pharmacy skincare products, most of them having a stamp approval they earned through their effectiveness and quality. So here are my top three French pharmacy skincare products.

How to: Coming out as a Christian

Today, I decided to come out of the “Christian closet,” also called Christian, on the low syndrom (may have made that up completly, not sure). So here it is: My name is Wendy, but you can call me DyDy and a child of God.

My toxic relationship with social media.

Ever since it has become common knowledge that you can make money off of social media, a lot of women came out with the same formula. But instead of being themselves, and bring their uniqueness to the table they’ve used the copy cat method.

Hi, my name is Wendy, but you can call me …

I like fashion, always have, and it doesn’t make me a superficial woman.