Kanye West : « Jesus is King »

Kanye West : « Jesus is King »

As a Christian, I highly hesitated to pronounce myself on the « Is Kanye West a Christian ? » debate. Mostly, because I thought it involved a minority of Christians. And frankly, I didn’t understand the need for such a discussion. When I hear about Kanye West, all I have in mind is that beautiful «love letter» he wrote to the Lord, in 2004: «Jesus walks». This letter happens to be a rap song. At the time, I was sixteen years old. I know, I know, he curses in it. But this is the Sinner’s prayer in its purest form, in my opinion. He used his words, his way of expressing himself at the time to declare his love for Jesus. Listen to it with an open heart, and you will hear the beauty and humility.

My question is: « Are Christians questioning Kanye’s salvation or Christianity, walking in love? (the most important commandment Jesus gave us) ».

Quite frankly, I am highly disappointed reading some Christian blogs, and comments on social media (thus why I try to spend less time on it. Oh the block options ? Is my new friend dear). And I’ll explain why :

1. Kanye West expresses the truth: « Jesus is King »

As a Christian, this statement is what I know, accept, and declare every day. Maybe not verbatim (so many synonyms to describe our Lord Jesus), ie: « Jesus is my savior », « Jesus is God » and so much more. He is declaring in front of the world the ultimate truth that the enemy (satan) refuses. How many times have I heard: « If only these influential celebrities were saved…»? « We need to pray for artists, using their godly talent in favor of the enemy! ».

Does Kanye West’s declaration: « Jesus is King », makes him a Christian? No, in my opinion.

What makes Kanye West a Christian, is the prayer of salvation all Christians made. Accepting Jesus as our savior is what makes us Christians. Not how much we are a “good” person. Or how much our dirt is hidden. I know non-Christians who behave better than me, and even act as though they were Christians. But they do not recognize Jesus as their King. Therefore, they cannot be called Christians, and most importantly, they are not saved.

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2. The body of Christ’s mission: spread the Gospel for the salvation of as many souls as possible. Including rich, influential people.

The only thing that can explain this debate and skepticism is that unfortunately for Kanye West, a lot of his dirt was made public. Including his challenges with ego, mental health, drugs, etc.
But the Bible says it better than I could – in Jesus, we are new creatures, all things are new. Who would want to be reminded of past sinful behavior? Not only that: Being a Christian does not negate the fact that we are still sinners (we sin every day). It testifies that Jesus’ blood is sufficient to wash away our sins. One of the best moments to witness, as Christians, is someone giving their life to Christ, and therefore be saved. It’s a « party » in heaven when one of God’s children turns back to him. And we should all rejoice as well.

3. Do you remember when you gave your life to Jesus?

I do. I was still battling a lot of old ways, habits, etc. My flesh was so loud back then. But Jesus is a gentleman, so loving, patient, relentless. His unconditional love made me fall in love with him. And that is how my fleshly tendencies started to go away. He renewed me with love and patience. I fell plenty of times but never did he gave up on me. That’s why I love him so much.
He also used brothers and sisters to help me along the way. And what helped me the most, through fellowship, was authenticity — knowing that if he did it for them, he would do it for me too.
Being judged, criticized, belittled is what could turn someone away from God. It is written that we are to be Jesus’ « ambassador ». One day, this freshly born again Christian will study the word for himself, develop a personal relationship with God.

All that to say, as the body of Christ, we should not only embrace Kanye West’s statement but pray for him. That he will go even deeper with God, that he’ll be restored, and much more.
Can you imagine the impact that a saved “Kanye West” could have on our society? If he is encouraged and kept in prayers, with the right men and women of God surrounding him. How many souls could be saved?
In conclusion, I welcome Kanye West in the family of Christ with open arms, and pray that he will go further in his « Jesus walks ».

Much love,

Dydy xoxo

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